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This week I have a little bit for everybody, whether you’re an Amazing Space Adventures fan or you just can’t wait to hear more about Order of the Link.

First off I’d like to welcome Marked For Death to its very own webpage. The space is new and we’re filling it up with as much detail as we can right now. While the art you’ll find on the page is not official game artwork it will give you an idea of the style we’re looking at. Stop in and find out more about our newest neighbour.

From the latest to one of our first; Amazing Space Adventures has hit a major milestone. We are sending in printing orders for the Rulebook Primer! Those books should start being shipped out soon to all our generous backers who chose the physical reward. I’ll let you know more as soon as we get specifics from shipping. It won’t be long now until you’ll have it in your hands!

Last and certainly not least I thought I’d finish the update this week with some eye candy for your day. Order of the Link has a cover image! Keith Draws has done a fabulous job at creating something intriguing, enticing and beautiful.

Cover Final - Websafe

See you next week!


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