Evil Overlord Is Finally Here! – The Oracle

The time has come for all Evil Overlords to join in our newest adventure… pardon me while I break out my evil laugh, “Mwahaha!”

Evil Overlords is our latest card game and this one is all about trying to create the biggest baddest evil minion army of them all. In order to do that you’ll be collecting cards which feature several different categories of minions. You can choose from such devious options as the Undead, Robots, Dark Elves, or Creatures to fill out your army and destroy your enemies. But, you’ll have to choose wisely because each of these categories will come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Over the coming week, Ed is going to release daily videos on our YouTube channel that will cover such important issues as Advanced Tactics and How to Play guides. Stop by our site to get the inside scoop on what this game is really like…


All this is going to lead into our Kickstarter launch at the middle of next week! This is your first chance to get hold of this fun and fast-paced card game so be sure to check it out. If you’re familiar with the other card game we’ve produced you’ll know just how much fun we try to pack into these games!

So, I just have one last question for you before I leave today… which team are you?

#teamUndead #teamRobot #teamDarkElf #teamCreature

I’m #teamRobot all the way, nothing compares to a bad guy who’s programmed to take orders and destroy. What do you think? Shout out and let us know who you’re betting will win in the ultimate showdown between minion armies!

I’ll catch you back here on Saturday for Consortium news!