Expanding the Universe – The Oracle

Last week you got to know a little more about one of the Consortium’s stunning characters. Keelaa is a vibrant Resistance operative with a deadly set of skills and a history of coming out on top of things. She’s just one of so many fabulous characters over the 500+ years captured in this game. You can find even more information about organizations, people, places, and key moments in history at our Backstory page. Hours of entertainment, guaranteed!

You might be wondering why this particular game has such a rich history with our company. I’ll tell you. Era: The Consortium was Ed’s first dream. This is our flagship game and we’re going to keep supporting everything about it. In Ed’s own words, “I won’t abandon it!”

So what does that mean for all the fans and folks who love Consortium? Along with The Secret War we’re planning two more expansions! More stories, more characters, more tech and more fun. Hold on to your seat because the additions have only just begun.

Right now, The Secret War is working through the Editing and Layout stages of development. The artwork is still being worked on but the writing is complete.It’s really moving ahead!

To give you an idea of how things are looking Ed’s given us a concept sketch of the front cover image. There’s more where this came from and you can expect to follow The Consortium through all our exciting additions as we move forward.

Secret War Sketch

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