Expansion Update – The Oracle

I don’t have a great deal of news for you today, just a couple quick notes regarding where we’re at with our last two Expansion books.

I spoke to Ed today and he was hard at work on Revival. He told me that this book is now undergoing its final edit and I can’t wait to see all the extra content that the writers have pulled together to double this book in size. It’s going to be fantastic! The Definitive Edition is pretty much finished going through its indexing and final proofread and Ed expects to be able to get this book out to everyone very shortly.

So, this means that things are winding down and coming to an end for our latest Consortium event. However, if you’ve been following our news then you’ll know that this isn’t the end of what we have planned for the Consortium this year. Our flagship game has a special place in all our hearts and it just doesn’t feel right if we’re not out there working to expand this complex universe. Plans are already being made for the second round of expansions and we’re excited to begin work on the next installment of content for this game. Keep checking back every Saturday where I can give you more details about our next adventure!

See you next time!