More Expansions for the Consortium – The Oracle

I know that I’ve told you Ed has loads of content planned to come out this year for the Consortium but I don’t think you understand just how much I’m talking about here. Every time I talk to him he’s come up with another handful of good ideas for expanding the universe, delving into a new section of the history or exploring a hidden theme of the world.

This latest expansion is coming to you by popular demand and will bring Psionic abilities to players. I don’t have details to give you just yet but I have been authorized to share this image with you. Now you’ve got something to think about over the weekend. Would love to hear your ideas on how these new abilities will tip the balance of the Consortium.

Era The Consortium - Psionics

UKGE is happening right now so don’t forget to stop by our booth!

See you next week!

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