Factions are like Cliques only way more deadly – The Oracle

Raise your hand if you were ever in a clique in school. Ok, put your hand down before the cool kids see you and think you’re some kind of weirdo. In many ways, surviving a mutant infectious zombie apocalypse is a lot like surviving school. It’s all about choosing the right clique… or in this case, Faction.

Some of what sets this game apart from other simple horror survival games is the level of detail that we go into when creating characters and the world-building background. You have the opportunity to choose between over 14 different factions or societies which will change the way you play the game… and the way that you view life on Gaia.

You can choose to be a member of:
– The Cult of Progression: Whose single goal is to turn all of humanity into Infected; something they revere and envy.
– The Potestates: A group who believes that the power from Infected can be harnessed effectively inside humans.
– The Defenders: Selfless defenders of humanity who will go to any length in preserving human life.
– Infected Mutants: Creatures who are cunning and use forethought to hunt and corner their prey.

I don’t know about you but that pretty much sums up my high school experience right there. I’ll be back next week with more updates. Until then, check out our Kickstarter and spread the word to anyone who likes survival, horror, zombies, or games with a serious dark side.

See you next week!

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