Friday, 20th of EraWriMo

Hi everyone!

It’s been yet another very busy week for us all here at Shades of Vengeance. One day, I won’t say that and you’ll be surprised… (Yeah, I’m waiting for that day too!)

So what’s going on? A lot!

We’re looking at several things, mostly focused on 2016 activity now.

I’m doing EraWriMo, as you will all know by now – I am aiming to write at least 1000 words per day for Era games, whether it’s rules stuff, stories for the books, whatever. I’m pleased to be able to let you all know that I am way ahead! I’m at just under 30,000 words on day 20. So I’ve pretty much finished what I aimed to do in terms of volume. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop, of course – I’ve written loads of sessions, I’m ahead of all the other writers on Empowered stories, Survival is looking fantastic… and I have 10 more days to work on everything!

I’m looking at all our games and what we can do with them in 2016.

Era: The Consortium is going to have some expansions next year. We’ve been talking about the first, “The Secret War”, for some time now. That is having the last few images completed – one in sketch and one more to be done and we’re finished! That will then be ready well ahead of our projected Kickstarter dates early next year. We can’t wait to bring you more from the Consortium universe, though, we’re planning two more expansions during next year. One will be bringing a fifth playable alien race, which comes with some information about what comes next and the other brings loads of new equipment and weapons, along with rounding out the story to 450CE!

We’re looking at Era: Lyres and wondering how we can improve the already excellent and unique game. We have some requests from Kickstarter backers, and we’ll be definitely adding to the Bestiary and more stories about Lyres! We’re still looking for more ideas, so contact us if you have any thoughts!

Era: The Empowered’s Core Rulebook is aiming for next year. It’s going to be tough, but we’re working hard to deliver on that schedule! It’s going to be epic, possibly even larger than Era: The Consortium’s Rulebook!

Era: Survival is moving forward nicely, with more artwork every week! We’ll be continuing to update you and will be trying to aim for early next year as well!

And there’s loads more on the horizon. It’s an exciting time to be working here!

Thank you so much for all your support. We wouldn’t be here without you.

– Ed

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