Friday the Thirteenth – The Oracle

I’m pleased to announce that the Order of the Link KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN IS HERE! John Serembe has been perfecting this game for over 30 years and it’s truly an achievement to help bring his dream to life. The rulebook is already finished and it is already funded (after only 36 hours!), so there won’t be a whole lot of waiting around once the Kickstarter is over. Limited rewards will disappear before you know it so go on and get in there!

Are you ready to know more about the man behind the magic? The Dice and Stuff podcast interview of Ed Jowett is out and ready to be enjoyed! Listen to all the behind the scenes talk and get answers to some of those questions you’ve been pondering.

That about does it for me today, but before I go I want to bring this week’s post to a close with a little public service announcement. It’s common knowledge that Friday the 13th is bad news. All over the world this combination of the number 13 and Friday go hand in hand with black cats, broken mirrors and walking under ladders. Well, we here at Shades of Vengeance are nothing if not helpful so we’ve created our own list of ways to avoid the dark eye of lady luck.

  1. To avoid stepping on cracks insist that your flatmate carry you piggy back everywhere you go.
  1. If one rabbits foot is lucky then an entire rabbit is even better; keep one with you all day. Same advice applies to horse shoes and horses.
  1. Instead of throwing a pinch of salt over your left shoulder, try throwing bananas or coconuts. If your luck doesn’t clear up at least you’ll have a good time watching people duck and cover.

If none of those things work, then you should consider locking yourself indoors with a mug of your favorite beverage and listening to the Dice and Stuff podcast of our very own Ed Jowett. It’ll be like your little digital rabbits foot on the years most unlucky day. Stay safe out there people!

– A

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