From A Creator’s Perspective – The Oracle

You’ve heard me go on again and again about how much fun it is to make RPGs. It’s a creative dream come true to build your very own world; complete with harrowing plot details and characters that make you laugh, cry or scream in frustration. Well, you don’t have to just take my word for it. You can ask one of our creators.

Lewis, the man behind our in-progress game, Ether, will be joining us at MCM Comicon. He will attend all three days where we’ll keep him busy running sessions of Era games. Bring your questions because he’ll also be available to give you answers on everything you wanted to know about working with Shades of Vengeance and the process of getting a game into production. We’re really happy that he could join us for this event.

In other game news, Ed and the creator of Frontier are hashing out some of the game’s Hacking Mechanics, also Marked for Death is at the printers and getting ready to be shipped out. We’re closing in on the final steps with this successful Kickstarter campaign and we’d like to thank everyone who helped to make this possible.

I’ll be along next week with more news!


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