Game Details for Era: Silence – The Oracle

I promised you a few days ago that I would gather up some additional details about the Era: Silence game. For those of you who may be just joining us or perhaps haven’t checked in for a while… here’s the premise.

Era: Silence is a game based around the quest for your name. During character creation you create your name and then have to earn the letters by completing challenges. Those challenges are taken as a group and many of them can only be solved by working as a team. The big catch is… you can’t speak!

Sounds a bit crazy, right? This different approach to RPGs leads to characters making wild gestures and players really embracing the essence of roleplaying itself. During the game you can’t actually say “My player communicates this to the others.” It’s all done with body language which leads to a whole new playing experience. It’s really great fun and we know you’re going to love it. This game will be coming out on Kickstarter very soon so don’t miss out!

Ed tells me we should be able to see a new image next week so be sure to come back and I’ll see you then!

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