Game Developments and Chosen Images – The Oracle

I’ve plenty to talk about today so let’s buckle up and get going!

All of our games are kicking into production-high-gear mode and it seems like none is moving faster than Champion of Earth. More images for this card intensive game are coming in every day. Ed’s been absolutely swamped with checking art and story content. Crossing all fingers and toes, we’re hoping this game will be ready for Kickstarter very soon!

Also cramming Ed’s inbox full of new content is Era: The Empowered. Stories and artwork are flying in. I’ve had a chance to check out some of the re-imagined character concepts and they’re especially fabulous. In honor of all that hard work, I’ve been instructed by Ed to search through our story cache and come up with something to share for you all next week. What are you in the mood for, a bit of comedy or something a bit more dark and dramatic?

As long as I’ve brought it up, Era: The Chosen, our dark and dramatic horror game is also moving along on schedule. The team is producing some awesome stuff and I’m pleased to share with you a couple of images that will give you a taste for the feel of this new rpg. Ed is working with the fabulous J.A. Cummings to get this project written and we’re excited to have her join us. I’ll be giving you a sneak peak of a story from this game in just a few short weeks so keep an eye out. While you wait, check out these dark beasts… something tells me they’re out for more than just a moonlight stroll.

Hellhound2 Unhuman

Along with all the new content we also have some new team members coming on board. These folks are with us just to help develop new games! Ed will be sharing more about those upcoming projects over the next few weeks and months so check back with us often to make sure you don’t miss something exciting!

Stay tuned because things are moving fast!