Hi everyone!

I feel like Shades of Vengeance games are grouping into “Generations” as I look both forward and back over our achievements – not based on evolutions in the Rule Set, just in terms of the teams that work on them and what they do.

I thought that, today, I’d share my thoughts on that with you all!

Era: The Consortium was the first game I created, it took me a long time to get the model right for a game of this sort. I used the same model for Era: Lyres, turning a fun concept into an innovative game. I’ve rounded out the “generation” with Era: The Empowered’s Rulebook Primer and the Era: The Consortium Expansion “The Secret War”.

I think the games that coming next are a new generation, not different in the way they are being carried out from the previous but different in terms of what we now know we can achieve. We’ve set our sights higher than before; Era: Survival is going include cards as a new element, Era: The Empowered’s full rulebook will be a larger story (and, potentially, a longer book) than Era: The Consortium was.

I’m proud that we’re progressing the development of our games in this way, I think that constantly reaching for a better game is the only way we can keep improving.

Thank you all for supporting us and making this a possibility!

– Ed

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