Great Things coming in 2016! – The Oracle

The list of amazing things happening next year keeps getting bigger and bigger. Just last week Ed was approached by a few new creators looking for help with their game ideas. He’s going to be sitting down with them soon to hammer out some details and I look forward to passing them along to you!

We’ve also been busy filling up our convention calendar and along with AnimeCon in February, Ed is looking at attending the UK Games Expo in June. I’m particularly excited about the UKGE because Ed tells me that both Era: Lyres and Era: The Consortium are good candidates for an award given during the event. That’s great news! I’d love to see either of those games get some much deserved recognition.

Aside from new games and conventions, Ed has been tossing around the idea of expanding the Lyres game further in 2016. I think it’s a brilliant idea; there is still so much of that world to explore! It’s fast becoming a popular game and we’d like to give more content to the fans who are excited to play. The feedback we received when we ran the Kickstarter was a great jumping off point to give us ideas of where we can expand. Ed and I have been talking about new creatures for the Bestiary, more locations for the Traveller’s Guide, new stories featuring unique adventurers and more! What would you like to see in this special, Super Deluxe Edition?

If all that talk about Era: Lyres has you wishing for another way to enjoy the game sooner than next year, I’ve got just what you need. Next week, on Wednesday Nov. 25th at 9pm GMT Ed will be running a Lyres session on a Twitch channel! The channel is Encounter Roleplay and you can watch them real time as they try to charm and hustle their way into the hearts of the people of Yarnolth.

See you there!


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