Ground Zero – The Oracle

Last week was our inaugural Era: Survival news post and you got to read a bit about Base 9, just one of the richly detailed environments in this world. Ed has been putting in a great deal of time and thought in creating the background for our very first survival horror game and so far it’s looking fabulous.

At this point he has finished writing the first draft of factions and places that you’ll be interacting with. He’s also created a small number of stories to help you delve deeper into this universe.  There are more stories to come and of course we’re preparing plenty of images! The team is really excited to be working with this concept and we’re thrilled to watch it develop. I’ll be back next week with more news and hopefully some helpful tips on how to survive in our desperate situation. So, until then keep your crossbow handy and sleep with one eye open.

Hold on one more day!


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