Have you seen our new look? – The Oracle

Ed has been busy over the last few weeks testing out the new design to our website. Right now we’ve got the Era: The Consortium page up and running so go check it out. I really love the sharp new look. What do you think?

It’s a totally different vision and we’re really excited about getting this around to all the other pages. You’ll notice as this rolls out some slight variances between each of the games but this overall style should be consistent throughout.

This is just like moving into a new apartment and trying to decide where to put all your stuff. Should the frosted lamp go next to the sofa or on top of the counter…and where on earth am I going to hide that knit cat sweater Granny made for me?

Web design is a whole lot like that. Which is why we’d love to know what you think. Did you find the podcasts? Do you know where to look for the Hall of Heroes? Take a browse around the site and let us know if you had an easy time moving around. Shoot us your feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

Besides our brand new look I’ve got another exciting announcement for you today. We’ve officially signed up to attend and sponsor two more conventions this year!

First up is DragonDaze in Wales; happening September 19th. This is a gaming convention and mini-comic con event that raises funds to help support a great charity. Later this year we will also be attending Dragonmeet in London; on December 5th. This table top gaming convention is one of the biggest in London and also considered one of the friendliest events in the UK. Right now they’re offering early bird ticket prices so go check it out!

We’re thrilled to be at these events so get your tickets and make plans to come see us. We’ll be running games, selling rulebooks and generally having a fabulous time. I’ll get you more details as we get closer to the date so keep watching these news posts.

Until next time!

– A

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