A History in Profiles: Lancier Freed – The Oracle

In the Consortium, there are many stories of heroism but it’s not often that one is accomplished without firing a single shot.

Lancier Freed was a notable member of the Resistance’s infamous team, Claymore Unit. As part of his squad, Lancier had distinguished himself as a capable soldier and an essential part of the unit. However, it was his acts on Gateway that earned him a place in history.

When the force of Smertios Security’s attack trembled the ground and shook the walls of Gateway, causing panic and disorder, it was Lancier who pacified the crowd. With his calm confidence, Lancier took charge of the assembly and created order out of chaos. Using only the power of his words, this member of Claymore unit saved countless lives during the attack on Gateway and is remembered as a true hero.

Lancier was well known throughout the entire Resistance and loved by many. His charm won him the unofficial title of Resistance heart-throb. However, his success within Claymore unit made him a hated enemy of the Big Seven who named him a person of special interest and tagged him as “Wanted” by the authorities.

Though Lancier Freed is believed to have died with the rest of Claymore unit during the Orion incident, his memory lives on.

You can still hear of his and Claymore unit’s adventures through the Dice and Stuff podcasts where Lancier is a staple character. Stop by and see for yourself what this enigmatic hero can do at http://www.diceandstuff.com/category/era-the-consortium/