How do you start (and complete!) a Creative Project?

We believe that everyone has the ability to create! We feel that people should be helped bring their stories and visions to life as a creative project!

After a decade of experience in publishing a variety of critically-acclaimed books, games, comics and audio dramas, we want to help others do the same!

Our veteran creative team have been on stage at conventions all over the UK. We have run over 30 panels at MCM Comicon, plus at UK Games Expo, StrategyGamingCon, and even Animé North in Canada!

Unfortunately, these panels don’t give us the time we want to explain everything in detail!

We have therefore decided to create a podcast to detail how you start, work through and complete your creative project. 17 episodes of this podcast have been recorded, but we want to deliver you the best possible quality production, so we’re seeking a small amount of funding for editing and distribution. This will allow us to bring the podcast to anyone who wants to learn how to be creative!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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