Interview with – The Oracle

Everywhere we go people are interested in knowing more about our Empowered. They’re dramatic, they’re mysterious and they’re ready to meet the world! Recently, Ed was a guest on RPG.Net Chat. He answered loads of questions and gave out a ton of information on game play, mechanics, storyline, and everything else people wanted to know. Check here for a transcript of the interview.

If you already know everything there is to know about Empowered I hope you’ve had a chance to stop by our Kickstarter event that’s going on right now. We’ve already made it to complete funding so this Primer is definitely happening. You can get in there and pick out your rewards; including bundles with our other Era games. The support for this game has been phenomenal, thank you to everyone who has backed us or passed along the information. We’re incredibly proud of how well things are going.

Now that the Kickstarter is underway and Comicon is behind us, the writing team is just about ready to dive into the major portions of the story for the full rulebook. This is shaping up to be our largest number of stories yet so hold onto your hats, if you think Consortium had plenty of awesome content… you haven’t seen anything yet!

Catch you next week with more news!


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