It’s the Last Lyres Post! – The Oracle

You heard right. The checkered flag has waved and this is our final lap.

All the digital rewards have now been delivered, including “Professor Rupert Wilton-Smythe’s Traveller’s Guide to Yarnolth” Add-on. The UK edition rulebooks are on their way to Ed’s house for repacking and the US edition proof will be sent out shortly. This means our work here is done but we’re not leaving forever.

Era: Lyres will continue to travel with us when we attend conventions as well as be available on our website and in stores. At some point in the future we might even make the Traveller’s Guide available to the general public but for now it remains a Kickstarter backer reward only. Thank you again to everyone who believed in the project, loved the game and supported us. It’s always a thrill to watch a game develop from idea to physical completion and we couldn’t have done it without you. It’s been a fun ride creating this game and we really hope you enjoy playing it.

Any further news about Lyres will show up in our General News posts on Thursday each week.

Until further notice, keep rolling!


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