Kickstarters and Conventions!

Hi everyone!

I apologise for having been quiet recently.

As many of you already know, my aim is to complete Era: Survival’s Core Rulebook for when the Kickstarter ends, meaning it is ready for release at MCM May. That’s led to a very tight timescale, between running the Kickstarter (including spreading the word to places like this) and doing the entire proofreading output for the book from 3 different people within 5 days…

The book is back with people for the second pass now, so now I’m only (!) running the Kickstarter (well, not including the work on the next Consortium expansion, finishing Era: Silence, dealing with the last of the artwork for Era: Survival and working a full-time job) and finally have time to write to you all again.

So… what do you want my next Development Blog entry to be about?

– Ed

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