Let The Countdown Begin! – The Oracle

Era: The Consortium’s first expansion, The Secret War, is locked loaded and ready to go! This is going to be our best Kickstarter yet, I can just feel it in my toes. We’ve pulled out all the stops and are using all the best ideas that we’ve gathered from each of our previous events. We’ve got so much to offer!

Along with the expansion itself you’ll also have a chance to get your hands on our unique 4GB memory cards. The only other way to get yourself one of these great items is to see us at a convention so be sure to check the Kickstarter. We’ll also have a host of fabulous unlockable rewards to add more bang for your support. You’ll find things like; a player’s guide and models of Stiletto Unit!

The excitement has begun and the event is starting soon so keep coming here for details!


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