Living Campaign – An Update!

The Era: The Consortium Living Campaign has now been running for just under 3 months and we’ve seen a lot of changes to the Consortium as a result!
(Asking “What is the Living Campaign?”? – read this!

We’re about to publish the first official update of the position in The Era Zone Issue #5, and I wanted to share it with all of you first! Here’s what’s happened:

  • A strange group of Sentient Beings, not matching any known race of the Consortium was reported arriving at Ceridwen. They disappeared from the station after shutting down various areas, seemingly taking nothing with them.
  • The same group of creatures were spotted shortly afterwards on Gateway 2, the Resistance station in the Outer Damara System. They killed several individuals and took Dr Phil Adams hostage, along with several of his weapons prototypes.
  • A riot occurred among the prisoners who were building warships at the shipyards in orbit of Clota. This was contained with minimal damage, and the stolen ships were returned by Admiral Bryce Christoffer.
  • A Consortium Task Force, with members from each of the Big Eight, destroyed Gateway 2, the Resistance base in Outsystem Damara. Two parts of this space station remained intact and escaped, though not without Resistance casualties.
  • Several of this Task Force flew a ship full of children to the Outsystem Combine, and Consortium relations have improved with them as a result.
  • Several Consortium personnel defected to the Resistance during the Task Force’s activities, changing the balance of power in this region.
  • Commander James Lynks was captured and handed over to Hardcastle Haulage, which was a significant blow to morale for the Resistance in the Damara system.
  • Zweihander Unit recovered Dr Amanda Charles and a mysterious ship for the Resistance after boarding Ceridwen station. Their base was later destroyed through unknown means, and the ship was lost. The personnel assigned to the unit itself survived, as they were on a mission.
  • An Open Technology base on Belisama mysteriously exploded, with the loss of all base personnel. This has been assumed to be a Resistance attack, which has damaged their reputation in some areas and improved it in others.
  • A building in the Geso District of Taranis is first breached by Smertios Security, with numerous personnel lost, and then is bombed to destroy it. This is a public relations nightmare for the Consortium, increases the Resistance’s foothold on the homeworld of the Consortium.
  • The Consortium carried out an elaborate sting attack near Labbonus against the White Scythe. By having the Resistance capture a decoy ship, rigged to self-destruct, and hand it over, they eliminated a number of key leaders of the pirate organisation, strengthening their position in the region.
  • Falcata Unit, of the Resistance, managed to steal a transport full of artifacts leaving Sirona and convert some of the crew to the Resistance.
  • A Senate-funded team investigated and eliminated pro-Resistance smuggling operations on Abnoab, strengthening the Consortium’s grip on that planet.
  • Falcata Unit used the stolen ship to destroy a patrol in the region of Andastre, but raised suspicion on the Lugus Smertios Security Border Station while doing so.
  • Cinqueda Unit recruited a pair of trainers for new Resistance recruits and hacked records to make the havoc appear to be the Consortium’s fault.

I’d like to thank the over 50 players across 20 sessions who made this vision a reality, taking the first steps towards reshaping the Consortium in a new image!

The new map is the image for this post, so check it out, and decide where you want your next session to be! If you want to participate, just write in afterwards and tell us what happened – you, too, can change the shape of the Consortium!

Red = Resistance Influence
Blue = Consortium Influence
No Colour = Non-Aligned (e.g. Outsystem Combine, The People of Nodens)

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