Lizards and Playtests – The Oracle

The world of Consortium is vast, dangerous, and often surprising. In the history of the Consortium, the discovery of each new alien species has been met with some curiosity and no small amount of fear. Sometimes this fear has served them well, mostly it has led to a great amount of misunderstanding and years of conflict. With the meeting of our fifth race… does the Consortium finally figure out how to handle first contact?

Humans have been introduced to several amazing alien species since their first discovery but none are quite like this newest race. This lizard like species, more comfortable flying than walking, has quite a story to tell and more than a few secrets to keep. Are these new neighbors ready to become content members of the Consortium or did they come here looking for a fight?

At this very moment, Ed is conducting a playtest with this latest expansion and hopefully I will have more news to share with you.

Until then, keep on rolling!


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