Meet the Swarm – The Oracle

Era: Survival is coming along well and Ed tells me that the story images are looking brilliant. They’re even adding an extra story to cover one of the factions; the Swarm. They have taken a different approach to survival in our new world and today I get to give you a little glimpse.


The Swarm is one of the largest factions operating on Gaia and they believe that they are the best hope for humanity to survive Infection. They do have an impressive record having created large tracks of infection free territory, called Clean Zones. However, it does come at a cost.

The founder of this faction believed that in order to fight the Infected, humanity had to approach the world with the same uncompromising zeal to take what they needed. At some point in history this simple ideology became something much more dangerous.

The followers of the Swarm are brainwashed Drones or Specials who sweep over territory, burning everything and anything that could carry Infection. In recent years, this wave of single minded destruction has come creeping ever closer to the more inhabited lands of Gaia. People caught in the path of the Swarm are given a simple choice; join them or burn. No one knows exactly how the Swarm maintain such a vast Clean Zone of uninfected territory but you can bet that it isn’t easy.


Keep following along for more sneak peeks from the world of Survival!


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