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It’s time once again for another installment of our Time Travel Campaign Session Packs. Visit our page to get digital copies of sessions #11-15 and continue exploring The Consortium’s alternate history. The story is moving on and so should you be!

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Our Time Travel Sessions aren’t the only new things happening. We’ve got enough to keep you busy for a whole summer of adventures. Along with the latest campaign sessions you can dig into all the new material Ed’s been stuffing inside our upgraded website!

He’s added more stories, more backgrounds, more history and more everything! You can find entries for every one of the Big Seven companies as well as two of the alternate universe companies which you’ll discover inside our Time Travel series.

Take the time to browse through all our new site has to offer and I’m certain you’ll find something to entertain you. Ed’s included several stories by our fabulous writers; some of which you may have seen and some that have only just been finished. He’s also included a section where you can find all those fabulous characters that we’ve highlighted through our History in Profiles.

I’ll be back next week to introduce you to Jitalakanka; a complex and polarizing figure in The Consortium’s history. Can murder ever be considered mercy?

Until next week!

– A


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