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We’re only two months into the new year and already there’s so much going on! I just found out that we’ve officially signed a contract with another game designer. This will be a FATE module game in a science fiction universe that Ed has dubbed, “Defend the Planet!” I’ll get you further details on this new project later in the week. For anyone who hasn’t been keeping track; that now puts us at 7 games. Era: Consortium, Era: Lyres, Order of the Link, Marked for Death, Frontier, “Defend the Planet” and the  “mysterious superhero game”… it’s officially raining games!

We’ve got so many new titles coming out right now that we’re up to our eyeballs in rule design, new art, story writing and the thrill of development; which brings me to my next announcement. Back in the early part of February I posted an article looking to hire a game developer. Well, we haven’t found anyone with quite the right mix of enthusiasm, experience and just a touch of crazy.

If you think you’ve got what it takes and would like to help people create the games they’ve always dreamed of then drop everything and get in touch. We’re offering reasonable compensation, flexible hours and location as well as a chance to really get under the hood of these new games and have a hand in their development. Send an email to Ed –, or apply through the website, if you prefer.

Congratulations to Order of the Link and everyone who is a supporter! The Kickstarter has now achieved its first stretch goal, “More Magical”. You can expect to see more spells in each school which translates to more power and ultimately…more fun!

That’s all folks!

– A

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