More than You’d Expect! – The Oracle

It’s been our policy since the beginning to create the best possible game experience we could; from full sized games, to pocket editions, to supplemental comics, and expansions. We strive to deliver more of what you want in every game. That’s why our second Era: The Consortium expansion will give you more than you might expect.

Work is progressing right now and Ed is utilizing the talents of our newest artist, Sergey, as well as the original writing team to bring you our meatiest expansion yet. Not only are we going to give you an entire new playable race, but we are also deploying a host of new technology, including:

  • New weapon types
  • New ammunition types
  • Weapon upgrades and specialist crafting bonuses
  • New armour types
  • Awesome alien technologies that the Consortium didn’t develop!

Things are moving along and some time in the next few weeks I hope to be able to show you more!

Keep checking back!


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