Never Trust a Lyre… – The Oracle

We sent our Kickstarter information to Yarnolth Keep via a courier agency – I was too busy to run it there myself! The lady in the tavern promised us top-notch service and we believed her.

However, both our Lyres Kickstarter and the courier seem to have gone missing!

The courier was last seen heading towards the Lucky Lady. He’s a stout Dwarf well-known in Yarnolth and was wearing a horned helmet when last seen.

If found, please send him back to “Knight-Commander Ed Jowett”, who’s hanging out at the Guard Post, taking a missing person report.



A note from Ed –
Apologies, all you Lyres fans! I am really sad to have to tell you that we have had to delay the start of our Era: Lyres Kickstarter campaign. We will be back on track as soon as possible – this game will be available soon.

– A

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