New Comic Book Details! – The Oracle

She’s tough, smart and more than most criminals can handle. Violete is the feature character for Era: The Empowered’s next comic book!

Violete is a hardworking hero. Not only does she keep up with her university studies and maintain her relationship with her parents, she also works diligently to root out the criminal element in her city. Using her visceral telekinetic gifts, which give her strength and flight, she manages to fight crime and yet still balance her life the best she can. For the most part, it’s been working…

However, this comic book deals with the result of her escalating attack on crime. When a small-time crook by the name of Dane becomes the deadly lizard-like villain, Rampage, with chameleon powers and a thirst for revenge, Violete must face the truth that her biggest challenge has only just begun. Instead of petty thieves, she must fight a serious adversary and along the way try to discover who was behind Dane’s incredible transformation.

Violete’s comic will be coming out in just a few weeks to Kickstarter so be sure to check back here so you don’t miss a minute of the action!