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Loads of things are happening right now and I feel like I should be making a bullet list powerpoint presentation to make sure I’m not forgetting anything. However, lists are so impersonal I’m not going to do that. I apologize in advance to any list lovers out there.  So, here’s the news in no particular order.

Have you seen our webpage transform over the last several months? I think it’s been heading in a great direction and with the work Ed’s done on it the site has a snappy, professional look but he wants to do much more. Right now, the website is going through a proper professional overhaul, one of those things Ed’s always wanted to do but never has the time to do himself. He tells me that the mockups are fantastic and we’re all going to love it when it comes out. For me it’ll be like moving into a brand new house; lots of fresh paint on the walls and the carpet is nice and squishy. Can’t wait to see it!

Now that I’m talking about things I can’t wait for it’s time to tell you that Era: Lyres is going to get a brand new version. My favorite Era game will soon exist as a “Pocket Edition”; fun and travel sized! It will have absolutely everything that you’ll need to play the game but with fewer pages and in an A5 format or 5.5 x 8.5 for the US folks.

It’s going to include the quick-start rules that we currently use when attending conventions. This will let you pick up the book and play a full game within 30 minutes. The first chance for anyone to get their hands on this will be at AnimeCon in a couple of weeks so get your tickets and come find us! This is a great way to experience Era: Lyres.

I have some news about our latest game; Era: Silence. I’m sure you remember me talking about it awhile back. Heroes in this game will have to earn their name in a new spin on gaming where players are going to be restricted in what they can say.

More details will come out later but what I really wanted to tell you is that Ed did a playtest last weekend and the response was off the chart! The entire group loved it and he says that it was the best reaction to a game that he’s ever had. That’s the kind of news that makes me jealous I wasn’t in on that playtest, it sounds like a blast. Ed says we can expect to see some artwork and info materialising over the coming weeks and months so we’ll just have to hang on and I’ll pass it along as soon as he gets it.

The last bit of new I have for you today is about our current Kickstarter; The Secret War. Support for this game has been amazing and we’re just about 200% funded. With Ed’s help I worked up a story for this expansion. Benjamin Hayden is such a great character to write, he’s got power and charisma but balances it out with selfish and manipulative intent. Love him or hate him you really can’t argue that he tries harder than anyone to stay on top. My story gives you a tiny glimpse into what he’s willing to do. I hope you like it.

That’s it for today, see you next week with more news!


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