A New Website and 100% Funded on Lacuna #1!

Coming soon you should notice some changes in our website. Ed is working hard to make the Shades of Vengeance site a great place to get more of what you love… games! RPGs are our passion and we want to make sure that everything we do reflects our primary focus. We believe that great games are good for everyone and we want to share that with you. So, keep coming back and you’ll notice some great changes.

My biggest news today is that we’ve reached our funding goal for the Lacuna comic Kickstarter! Thank you to everyone who supported us or took the time to share our project. Success takes you, the fans of our work, to help spread the word and we couldn’t have done it without you. Creating an indie comic is a challenging experience but one that we’ve enjoyed and we’re thrilled to see so much support. Now, just because we’ve reached our goal doesn’t mean there aren’t more things planned.

Lacuna is the first in an exciting series and we really want to show you so many of our other heroes and villains from the Era: The Empowered universe. There are characters from all over the world with their own stories to share and we hope to bring them to you with several other comic books.

For now, the Lacuna Kickstarter is heading to Stretch Goals like wallpapers and posters of the great artwork that you’ve seen already. We also have the chance to give Lacuna #2 a boost! There’s time yet to jump in and support us, share the project with more people and lend a hand to expanding this great series of stories. We have so much more to show you!

Before I leave you today I want to give a great big thank you to everyone who came out to MCM and UKGE! Both events were fantastic, inspiring and altogether a wonderful time. Ed and the team loved playing games with all of you and they were absolutely exhausted by the end of it all!

See you next time!

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