News On Four Upcoming Games – The Oracle

Our latest game to hit Kickstarter, Evil Overlord, is getting a great deal of support and we still have over two weeks left until the end! Thank you to everyone who’s checked out this fun and unique deck-building card game. We know you’re going to love it. In honor of all this amazing fan support, Ed has just made available an additional number of free copies! That’s right, I said FREE. The only thing we ask is that you pay postage to ship them to your location and help us out by telling friends and spreading the word about this fantastic game. So, head over to the Kickstarter page to pick up your own free deck and see just what it takes to build your own minion army!

Era: The Empowered is being finished off as we speak by Ed who is finalizing the last pieces of editing for the full version. The next step for this game will be on to the proofreaders and then we’ll be letting some beta readers have a chance to read through the book. Does that sound like just the kind of thing you’d be perfect for? We’re looking to find a few extra beta readers and if you’re interested we’d love to hear from you! Message Ed through our website or Facebook page and let us know.

Era: The Chosen is our next release and our first foray into the darkest parts of horror RPGs. If you’d like to get some sneak peaks and see what this game is all about I suggest you hop over to the game’s facebook page. Ed is sharing some fabulous artwork, stories, and information about the different clans. This is your chance to learn everything you can about the Anonassi before the game’s official release!

The last game I have for you today is called Era: Lost Legend. This is a brand new game that the team is developing and the first playtests are about to begin. I’ve been sworn to secrecy so I can’t say anything more than that but be on the lookout for more details coming at you soon!

That wraps it up for me. I’ll be back on Saturday with some exciting developments on our Consortium miniatures project.

See you then!