One or Two things left! – The Oracle

Era: Lyres Deluxe Rulebook is doing great: just waiting on one of our proofreaders to get back to us and then we’re off to the races on this rulebook.

Thank you so much to our team of readers who were willing to spend their time and give us some honest feedback. I’ve been told they did a great job picking out my American style… and here I thought I did so well hiding it!

We’re down to one last major piece of the project; the Traveller’s Guide. Ed’s done a good bit of it already and we’re looking at having that finished very soon. The map of  Yarnolth’s surrounding lands is getting some polish and will be ready to get paired with all that great extra Lyres content. Your chance to check it out will be coming up fast and I’ll let you know just as soon as these become available in our store.

Until next time!

– A

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