Our Crack Team of GMs! – The Oracle

They’re prepped, they’re stretched and we’re thinking about having them bathed and shaved as well. Ed has spent the last several weeks training our specially chosen team of GM’s in preparation for MCM Comicon. It’s right around the corner!

We’ve been throwing our GM’s into every possible scenario we can think of: dragon stampede, spaceship side of the road breakdowns, and surprise ninja attacks. It’s been rough but they made it and are ready to start running games. Grab your tickets now to see us at the biggest convention we’re attending for the rest of the year.

Don’t forget, if you’re living halfway across the world and can’t make it to the event there’s still a way to get in on the fun by sharing us with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, and through Patreon! Here’s just a small taste of the rewards you can expect.



See you next week!


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