Patreon Release – August 2017 – Out Now!

Hi everyone!

The Patreon release for August 2017 is now available!

That means that everyone can get hold of the second “Encounters on the Edge of Space” entry (by Matthew Knighton and myself), which provides an encounter and adventures seeds for Science Fiction games of all kinds! This month, the deadly and unique Tridamos Plague makes an appearance.

Grab it here for free:

All Patreons will be getting a special extra reward this month – Era: Lyres Pocket will be available to all those who contribute to the campaign at no extra cost! But there’s more… you can also get hold of the special extra Traveller’s Guide to Yarnolth, which gives the full background of the region (along with some pretty funny jokes, if we say so ourselves!).

Grab all that here if you’re a Patron for even $1!

August 2017 has, of course, brought a brand new set of wallpapers! All $1 and up Patrons will be able to grab some images from Era: Hitman and Era: Survival this month, celebrating the release of two of our latest games/expansions!

Grab those right here:

Finally, for those who pledge $5, we have not one but two awesome sessions for you this month! The Era: The Consortium Time Travel Campaign has reached the end of its 8th sub-campaign and you’re finally going to understand why so much information has been concealed from this generation. Era: Survival’s Foundation Campaign has reached Session 2 and there’s trouble in the Redlaw Ruins.

Grab both of these awesome sessions by Graeme Penman and edited by me here: