Playtesting our way to Success – The Oracle

The second playtest for Era: Survival was a big hit. Ed tells me that during the game they were getting a real feel for some of the less straightforward rules. They took some time to work on filling in those areas throughout the session which led to a new rule involving the trading of cards. Things are being hammered down, nailed in and tightened up.

Artwork is coming along well and Ed has agreed to give us another image to fill our imaginations! I’ll give you a little background to get you started. The Sisterhood of Pyrus is a group dedicated to finding abandoned underground bunkers and repurposing them to help their members survive. That certainly sounds like a group I’d be interested in joining. No seriously, if you know where I can sign up, let me know!


Sisterhood of Pyrus - websafe


Until next week!


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