Playtests are essential! – The Oracle

There’s no way to tell exactly how all the rules and mechanics of a game are going to come together until that first moment when you sit down around a table and start rolling dice. Ed has a long history of taking our games through many test runs to shake out the bugs and see just where a game might need a little adjusting. This last playtest was a great example.

The team had a fabulous time, in fact Ed says that every time they’ve gotten together to play Era: Silence it’s been a blast. During the session, they did find an area where they could make a bit of a change. Due to their findings, the rulebook is going through a minor adjustment to fit a few more enemy stats which is something they decided from the last playtest that they wanted. Developing an RPG takes time, loads of effort, as well as flexibility and the end product is always changing and adapting. That’s how we make great games.

I promised you a gameplay video, didn’t I? I’m happy to report that it is currently being worked on and hopefully will be available soon. From all the great things Ed has told me, I can’t wait to see what this game looks like.

That’s it for me, see you next time!

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