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Era: Hitman Rulebook


Page Count: 44 (International A5)

Era: Hitman is a modern era TTRPG inspired by various smash hits of the stealth action genre. Play as a hitman, in the employ of the Assassin’s Guild. The hotline rings, the number withheld; you have another job. Methodically plan how to take out your target, use limited but deadly “kinetic” superpowers to make the kill at any cost, then escape without blowing your cover. This powerful little pocket game only requires a small rulebook to play, and is perfect for one shots, but powerful enough to support a long-running campaign if desired.

Each assassin has amazing, fast-burn superpowers which can only be used a few times per session. Deciding when you want to freeze time, whip up a force field, or switch up the direction of gravity is an important tactical choice. Your targets may have powers of their own, and your limited uses make these abilities something to carefully consider before deploying.

In this pocket edition rulebook you will find: 

  • The Core Era D10 ruleset, a versatile “dice pool” based TTRPG game system which powers play
  • A detailed guide to character creation, with a range of options, and four types of kinetic ability to choose from
  • A list of weapons, armour, and other equipment to prepare your characters for high-stakes missions
  • A system for procedural session generation, allowing for infinite game ideas
  • guides to building a powerful yet balanced enemy to take on
  • GM advice tailored to people new to running the game
  • A system for generating sessions!

Era: Hitman only requires this powerful little rulebook and a few dice to play. With downloadable extras and additional, pre-written adventures available, there is plenty more to discover should you wish to dive deeper into the world of Era: Hitman.



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