Era: Survival – Colony


1-4 Players (Co-operative)
Offers Solo Play
108 Cards + Rule Booklet
1 hour Playtime

Defend your community from the threats of Gaia. Recruit people, Reclaim equipment, Resist enemies and Resource your colony to survive!

Surviving on Gaia is a challenge, to say the least. With Infected, Raiders and other threats out there looking to destroy you, you need to find a fortified place if you’re going to build a community. And you will need to co-operate if you hope to live… Together with the other players, become one or more of the four characters, each of which has different responsibilities:

  •  Bring new people into the colony as the Recruiter, and be responsible for ensuring their initial assignment is the right one.
  •  Dig up the bones of the past as the Salvager, bringing much-needed supplies into the Colony to help overcome the challenges you face.
  •  Stand against the hordes of Infected as the Defender, the head of the forces which will keep your Colony safe.
  •  Mitigate the crises that happen as the Leader, along with having responsibility for the food production of the community.

Only together will you be able to live long enough to build a strong community and weather what Gaia throws at you…

  • A co-operative game for 1-4 players
  • Playtime of approximately 1 hour
  • Ages 10+
  • Pack contains 108 cards and Rules Booklet
  • Fully card-based: everything you need is in the deck!
  • The deck is divided into 8 types of cards, including Character cards, Person cards, Salvage cards, Enemy cards and two types of Crisis cards
  • Win by surviving 8 Turns and not being Infected when you reach the end of the 8th Turn
  • Everyone gets to control their own part of the colony, not just the loud people!
  • Doesn’t require a moderator or phone app!