Time Travel Part 5 Title PageTime Travel Part 5 Title Page

Era: The Consortium – Time Travel Session Pack #5 – Digital


Page Count: 72

This book contains the sessions 41-50 from the critically acclaimed Time Travel Campaign! The mission you have inherited still weighs upon you, despite the myriad obstacles you have overcome. Now, the Bug War looms over the Consortium like a great shadow. The future cataclysm is far off, but this war, if handled wrongly, could mean the end of civilisation in this region of the galaxy. Your ancestors have tasked you with ensuring that this tragedy is avoided. The mission must not fail, or the Consortium will be destroyed. Only you have the knowledge, ability and drive to prevent that from happening. Can you save the Consortium?

N.B. This module requires a Era: The Consortium Rulebook or Rulebook Primer for play.