Progress on the Expansions – The Oracle

Most of the promised rewards have been finished and are in the final delivery stage. The remaining expansions are working their way to the end and here’s the breakdown of what’s happening.

Time Travel 1 is still with the proofreaders. It needed a little more time under the heat-lamp of scrutiny than we initially expected but that’s not anything to worry about. This sort of thing happens when you’ve got two writers collaborating for the first time. As the team works more and more with our newest writers and artists things will smooth out.

The next Time Travel books, 2 and 3, are being written right now! As of my posting today, Ed and Graeme are working their way through the end of the second book. Looks like they’re making good time. All of the artwork for the Time Travel books is nearly complete and I’ve even got an image to share with you. Everything is really looking stellar with these expansions!


That just leaves Revival, which is also currently in progress. Ed has spent the week writing out a skeleton version of each story and the process is well underway. Once these four books are done, that will be the end of the Wave 1 Expansions which are all the books paid for by the Kickstarter. Once again, thanks to everyone who got out there and supported us. We are thrilled to have you with us! Here’s a look at what we’ve already finished…


So, does this mean the end to the Consortium universe?

Of course not! Ed won’t just leave the Consortium alone just yet and he’s got many more expansions planned. We hope to give you a chance to see Wave 2 in 2017. This universe is going to just keep getting bigger and bigger! This next collection contains books co-written with the fabulous Darren Watts and Steffie de Vaan. We’ll have those and loads of other amazing things available through the next year so keep your eyes out for all the latest news here!

See you next time!