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Occasionally we like to get inside our lead creator’s head and try to find out just what’s going on up there. With our latest Era game I thought this was the perfect chance to ask some of those burning questions that might be rattling around. If I missed your favorite question please feel free to shout it out in the comments or send us a message on Facebook.

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Does the game come with a list of powers or is that up to the player to create?
The primer (which won’t include character creation) will come with a campaign with preset powers and a number of characters to choose from. I have chosen chosen a reasonably wide range of powers which should satisfy most people! The full rulebook, on the other hand, will not only include a list of powers but also guidance on how to create your own powers within the rules without becoming unbalanced!

What stops a player from being overpowered?
Like Era: The Consortium, this game has been carefully balanced and uses a similar rule set. The various power trees are constructed in a very deliberate way. Not every superhero in popular culture can be described in a single power tree, meaning some would have to effectively have superpowers in order to exist. The Playtests thus far are very encouraging in terms of balance, but one of the reasons the rulebook is not quite ready yet is that I am not yet certain it is proof to those who look hard for a way to be overpowered!

How do rolls work with powers, is this a different system from other Era games?
Powers work in a very similar way to the other things in the Era d10 rule set. Each power roll is very mechanically similar to any other Skill check you would make during a game, and is therefore subject to the same risks, such as fumbles.

Is everyone in this universe Empowered?
No, not even all of the “Empowered” are, technically; we have tech powered individuals as well as those with “natural” abilities. Some are obviously Empowered, while others may not even realise they are! But don’t worry, there are plenty of “normal humans” out there to rescue!

Can one character have more than one power?
Yes. In fact, it is the intent to allow players to expand their power base as they continue playing! I can’t say too much more about that yet, but you can expect more news between now and when the rulebook comes out.

What time period is the game set in?
Modern day, give or take… but a little like Era: The Consortium, that isn’t an easy question to answer, because the scope of the game invalidates the question. This game, like Era: The Consortium, will cover a long period of time. Of course, that doesn’t include the “sideways” movement!

How did the characters get Empowered?
Much like superhumans in various series, it varies, depending on the individual. We are working hard to try to give each major character in the story a unique backstory and you will, of course, have the chance to create your own.

What gave you the inspiration to do this game?
I think I would have to say it was primarily Johnathan Lewis, one of the people who worked with me on the story arcs of Era: The Consortium and on our subsequent early marketing. He loves superheroes and has done a fair amount of professional writing for them. Combine that with all the Comicons I have been going to and a game about Empowered seems like something people would really enjoy playing. The story is something that has grown organically from ideas that I have had over the years… and should really be quite something!

How is this different from other ‘superhero’ style games?
Using this expansion on the Era d10 rule set, the game is incredibly easy to pick up and play for anyone from complete novice to veteran. There are enough rules to make it interesting and challenging but not so many that it becomes difficult to play. Also, this game allows the players to gain multiple powers! Add to that a story with scope beyond the basic environment with and multilayered story and a framework and I think we have something quite special and unique.

Will I have to choose an alignment; hero vs villain?
I don’t believe in classes or alignments, to be honest. You will have the chance, depending on the story your GM runs of course, to be both at any point. In the Era: The Empowered universe, all is not quite as it seems; being a hero or villain is perhaps not quite as straightforward as it seems on the surface.

What is your favorite superhero or villain?
I have always been very partial to two major Superheroes: Iron Man, who is only a superhero thanks to his brilliant mind, and the Martian Man hunter, whose wealth of powers and the way he tends to use them, combined with an attitude which often sees him trying to find a nonviolent solution, I find fascinating.

If you could be Empowered, what would your power be?
Telepathy. I had the opportunity to play Era: The Empowered as part of one of the playtests as a telepath – great fun!

Batman vs Superman. Who would win?
Batman would win. No explanation needed.

Now that you’ve worked on a Science Fiction game, a Fantasy game and a Superhero game…which do you enjoy the most?
Science Fiction will always be my favourite genre. I grew up on it, my default mode is to sit down and watch science fiction on TV… There has always been something about the extension of what can be that fascinated me. That doesn’t preclude superhero genres, though, because often there is a very sci-fi feel to them.

Will genre fans find things to like about this game even if they’re hard core Sci-fi and Fantasy gamers?
I think there’s an empowered in all of us… waiting to come out and play. I definitely think that Sci-Fi fans will enjoy this one… people who only like Fantasy – well, if they like gods and mortals interacting, I think they will too. Personally, I think this sort of genre bridges the gap between Sci-Fi and Fantasy!

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