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Several posts ago I mentioned we were seeing reviews coming in and I want to make sure that you’ve seen them all. Ed has sent copies of The Consortium, as well as The Secret War, around to a bunch of great places and we’re starting to get quite a bit of response. From what I’ve seen it looks like everyone who has gotten a copy has really enjoyed it.

More and more reviews are starting to filter in and Ed even took the time to answer some questions at If you’re looking for information on our games this is a great place to start. Be sure you’re checking out our Facebook and Twitter pages to get the latest reviews as they come to us.

We’d also love to know what you think of our games, please feel free to write up your own review and share it with us!

Check out these reviews…

CampaignMastery Q&A

Geek Native

Talk About Games

Wild Muse Games

Now that you’re all caught up, why don’t you come play a game with us? Ed is running sessions right now over at AnimeCon. Throw on a coat and come join us!

See you next week!


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