Rewards Rundown – The Oracle

Rulebooks are on the move! Ed has received the UK printed proof for both the hardcover and softcover editions. Aside from a small omission on the hardcover prints it all looked smashing. So, once the printer fixes that hiccup they’ll be sent to Ed who will then ship them out for all the backers who are expecting UK soft and hardcover books. It’s official, you can now get excited!

Ed sent over some wonderful photos and I’ll pass them along so you know what you’re getting. I think it turned out great!


So here’s where we stand so far with the rest of the rewards. We’re still waiting for the US proof to be ready, crossing all fingers and toes that it happens soon. Lettering for the comic is well underway. Digital maps of Yarnolth were sent and we’re working on getting the cloth versions ready as well. The Traveller’s Guide just needs a bit more polishing before it too will be finished. It looks like things in the Lyres universe are coming together! Keep checking here for more updates.

See you next week!


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