#RPGaDay Challenge – Day Eleven

Hi everyone!

How do you define a dead game?

I struggled with this #RPGaDay, if I am honest. My research showed me that Big Eyes Small Mouth technically counts, so does the Buffy game…

I did have a clear answer, though, in the end. Read on to find out more!

#RPGaDay 11: Which ‘dead game’ would you like to see reborn?

TSR’s Marvel Superheroes game, which is no longer in print.

Many of you will know that my team and I love superheroes and are working on our own game! The Marvel Superheroes game is one that we have used as a guideline several times in the creation of Era: The Empowered.

Personally, I think it is a shame that game is no longer really supported in an official capacity and I can only hope our attempt does a new superhero universe justice!

– Ed