#RPGaDay Challenge – Day Sixteen (Alternate)

Hi everyone!

As Day 16’s question is the opposite to Day 15’s, I’m doing another alternate question today!

#RPGaDay 16 (A): What would appear on an RPG book cover that would make you want to play it?

I thought this was a brilliant question. And I excluded the obvious, which would be the Era d10 logo! I never said I wasn’t biased!

I think a lot about this particular topic because I’m trying to get the people who, like me, will be interested in the games I’m making, to have exactly that reaction to a cover. I think the primary thing I’d be looking for is action, with a bit of mystery. I’ll also be looking out for some fantastic artwork quality – I don’t feel that games without it are bad necessarily, but it attracts the eye more!

Personally, I’d be attracted to a game which showed Sci-Fi elements on the cover, because I love Sci-Fi! Mythology would also work well also for me.

– Ed