#RPGaDay Challenge – Day Twenty (Alternate)

Hi everyone!

I don’t think I’d be anywhere near as much help as most people would probably like on what the best source for out-of-print RPGs is, so I’m taking an alternate question today!

#RPGaDay 20 (A): What do you want out of an RPG experience?

For me, it’s very simple. I want to create a great story with my friends!

I guess, at heart, I’m a writer. Whether I’m in the GM chair or playing the game, I love a story with twists and turns that the players follow and try to figure out. I’ve spoken previously this month about how I generally construct campaigns of about 5 sessions for exactly this purpose.

It’s the mystery, the reason to walk around the next corner (in character), the fun of trying to figure out in advance and finding out whether I am right or wrong in my beliefs at the end that I love about playing!

How about you?

– Ed