#RPGaDay Challenge – Day Twenty-Five

Hi everyone!

As a perpetual GM, today’s question is not necessarily the easiest one for me… however, I have a few suggestions…

#RPGaDay 25: What is the best way to thank your GM?

Well, it depends a little on the type of game!

Personally, when I’m running a campaign and it gets to the end (see earlier entries – I usually plan things of roughly set lengths), there’s no greater reward for me than for someone else to stand up and say “I’ll GM the next one so you can play, Ed!”.

It’s happening at the moment, actually – I just finished an Era: The Chosen Campaign, and now I’m actually playing Era: The Empowered for the second time ever! The first session was last weekend and was fantastic!

If it’s a one-off, like a game at a convention, I’d always say that the best way is to bring something snackable with you to the game – everyone can share it and enjoy it, including the GM.

What do you do to thank your GMs?

– Ed