#RPGaDAY2018 Day 11!

Hi everyone!

Day 11 and the #RPGaDay2018 guys are asking:
(What is the) Wildest character name (you have come across)?

Well, I have quite a few. There’s one member in my regular group in particular who has come up with gems (Martian Pants Man, who wishes he was called “Forethought”, but the name stuck and everyone refuses to call him that, anyone?!).

The award for the very best, most insane name, that I’ve ever come across, however, goes to an Era: Lyres Character: “Verity Tallman”.

Now, this might sound like a fairly ordinary name to start with. When you begin to realise that he’s actually two Dwarves standing on each others’ shoulders in a long overcoat, you start to realise how awesome this name actually is.

– Ed