#RPGaDAY2018 Day 12!

Hi everyone!

Today’s question is (What is your) Wildest character concept?

I think I’m probably relatively boring when it comes to concepts! There are so many in my group who have come up with better than me. However…

One of the early Era: The Consortium games included a character named Mary, who was a Hayden Bank accountant – boring, 50-something and terribly pleasant.

Until the lights went out! She was a Shade, one of the best operatives Hayden Bank has. She was up a lift shaft when the power went off before the other characters had even reacted, had dealt with the attacking forces and reappeared beside them before they even knew she was there.

She was featured in a short story I wrote that didn’t quite make the Secret War expansion, but she should show up in an upcoming book, which explores beyond 450CE.

That’s the best I’ve got! What about you?

– Ed